WARNING!! Foundation Under Attack!

In America today Christianity is under attack at its foundation, the first chapters of the book of Genesis. Upholding the truth of these first eleven chapters is vital to logically understanding salvation and all other Biblical concepts.
If we do not believe that God is our Creator neither could we logically believe that He has the authority to save us from our sins. If we doubt God’s special method of the creation of mankind, what reason do we have to believe that Jesus thinks we are special enough to die for? If we do not believe that suffering and death are results of mankind’s sin, we don’t have any reason to believe that there is no suffering or death in heaven. If we don’t believe that Noah’s Flood was a global catastrophe, a judgment from God on wicked people, why would we believe that God will judge the entire earth with fire in the future judging wicked people?
If we can’t trust the first eleven chapters of the Word of God, neither can we logically trust the Bible when it says that Jesus died to wash away our sins. Defending Genesis is not just about a few chapters of the Bible; it is about the future of Christianity and the eternal fate of many people. My goal is to provide Christian families with tools and clues throughout God’s amazing creation for defending Genesis and ultimately defending Christianity as a whole.

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