The Rocks Cry Out

Dinosaur bones and coal still containing radiocarbon; Radical two-ring radiohalos; Traces of C-14 in diamonds; Helium held captive by granite; problems in the underlying logic behind radioisotope dating; These hidden wonders of science truly display the glory of God and the reliability of His Holy Word.  This is the conclusion of our series on radioisotope dating methods, although there is much more that I could have mentioned or studied in greater depth.  What radioisotope dating really comes down to is a problem of different worldviews.

Everyone makes assumptions, especially scientists.   For instance, a physicist wants to prove the law of gravity, so he does experiments dropping different objects from different heights and observes that they always fall.  The physicist concludes that he has just proved the law of gravity.  However, the physicist is making several assumptions, most of which he probably does not even realize he is making: He assumes that 1) his senses are basically reliable for making observations, 2) the universe is orderly and understandable (otherwise, why even try to understand it?), 3) people can understand this order, 4) our memories are reasonably reliable, 5) laws of logic exist, and 6) people can come to logical conclusions based on their observations.   But, how logical are those assumptions?  They have no logical foundation outside of the God of the Bible and creation as Genesis shows us.  Science does not make sense outside of Biblical creation.

In Luke 19:40, Jesus said that if the people did not praise the Lord, the rocks would cry out.  Today, many people refuse to give God the glory due to Him.  They deny Him as their Creator and Redeemer.  Yet, just as Jesus said, the rocks do cry out.  Perhaps they don’t literally start crying out in languages spoken by human tongues, but they do show forth the glory of God in many ways.  Please join the rocks today and praise God, our Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer.

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