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Genesis: Paradise Lost | Movie Review

Years ago, when I first heard about this cool idea for a 3D movie of Genesis, I was very excited. Now after watching the movie, I am even more excited!  Our modern American culture has people’s minds saturated… Read More

Two Different Realms?, Part 2

Last week I talked about the other young lady I met in the hall while waiting for lab to start.  When I asked her about her thoughts on evolution and Christianity she said, “I just think that those… Read More

Julie Cave Mystery Trilogy

Do you like mystery, excitement, and intrigue?  I do.  When I first found Julie Cave’s mystery trilogy I was pretty excited at the prospect of reading some good fiction, bogged down with textbook assignments and informative magazines and… Read More

Hope for Saul

The weather was nice that afternoon as some travelers made their way down the dusty road. The man in charge of the group smiled smugly to himself, satisfied by the power that the papers he carried would have…. Read More

Use Your Youth

The streets are lit by the synthetic glow of city lights as a group of teenagers party late into the summer night, and then stumble home in the wee hours of the morning.  Any deserted or public building… Read More

Carbon-14 Cries Creation & Catastrophe

            Radiocarbon dating is one of my all-time favorite geology subjects, so it is with mixed feelings that I write this final Clue about it for this series.  But, I have so much more information that I believe you,… Read More

Unthinkable Radiocarbon Dates

The team of five men paddled furiously along in the wind-tossed icy waters of the Colville River in Alaska.  They had been slowly making their way through the Alaskan wilderness for almost a week, in spite of the… Read More