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Fish Fossils

Fossils.  What comes to mind when you read that word?  Most people think of dinosaur bones or other animal bones.  But, fossils are so much more than just dinosaurs, or even bones.  The majority of the fossils we… Read More

Furious Flood

The thunder roared triumphantly as the stormy waves tossed the vessel mercilessly back and forth.  The ship just barely missed a deadly plume of boiling, lava-heated water.  Rain poured down in torrents for over a month.  The sun… Read More

Glorious Granite

Granite is truly a marvelous rock.  Its speckled beauty in and of itself is quite stunning, but there is so much more to its beauty than just its appearance.  When people think of granite, they usually think of… Read More

Formed for Freedom

Today, July 4, 2012, is the 236th anniversary of the day our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, risking their lives for our freedom.  But, no one risks his or her life without a cause that he… Read More

Logical Assumptions

Everyone makes some assumptions.  It’s not wrong to make assumptions, as long as we know what assumptions we are making and know that they are solid, logical, and essential.  Often, people misunderstand scientists as being people who are… Read More

WARNING!! Foundation Under Attack!

In America today Christianity is under attack at its foundation, the first chapters of the book of Genesis. Upholding the truth of these first eleven chapters is vital to logically understanding salvation and all other Biblical concepts. If… Read More