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Well-Rounded Pi

After years of waiting, dreaming, and planning, the long-awaited day had finally come – and it was remarkable! That day was better than I could have imagined, and one day I’ll probably remember for the rest of my… Read More

Daunting Dunes

Battling the ferocious, bone-chilling desert wind of a February morning, I tightly gripped one handle of my sled while the rest of the sled flailed wildly in the wind. Looking out across the wide open field of pure… Read More

Life’s First Cry

I tried to breath as quietly as possibly, as mixed anticipation and excitement in the room grew. Suddenly, amid the other sounds of labor and childbirth, the first cry of a little baby reached my ears. Hearing that… Read More

Multi-Dimensional Blessings

When asked to count our blessings, the things we probably think of first are those physical blessings that not everyone has, like food, family, health, houses, jobs, etc.  Seeing other people in the world who don’t have those… Read More

Created for His Presence

The setting sun lit up western clouds in fiery reds and oranges, contrasting beautifully with the deepening blue of the surrounding sky. A soft September breeze rippled through my loose hair as I slowly walked onward, quietly contemplating… Read More

Park’s Ranch Cave – Part 2

The light from my headlamp bounced across the dark cave wall, making the microscopic white crystals glisten. Before I got there, I had imagined that crawling through small spaces and swimming through the deep water of Park’s Ranch… Read More

Loves’ Perfect Reference Point

Are you more likely to turn to your brain or your heart when you are facing a problem or making an important decision?  As a “geeky girl” I’ve experimented a little with balancing the heart and the head… Read More

Creation Week and the Cross

Have you ever wondered if it really matters that we have a seven day week? Simply put, it’s because God created everything in six literal, 24-hour days, rested on the seventh, and commanded us to model our lives… Read More

Pi Appreciation Day

Can you imagine what the world would be like without round/curved shapes?  Life would be pretty rough in only rectangular/triangular shapes; everything would look like it came out of some weird pixilated computer game.   Moving much of anything… Read More


In every soul is a window, An opening in every life Through which our moments show     Mysteries hide behind those windows, Travelers see but a moment of life That from the opening flows     A… Read More