Category: Modern Issues

Faithful Observations

Thud! A soft noise sounded as I gently dropped another heavy geology textbook on the stack of books I was using for reference. Satisfied with the quiet, refreshing prospect of spending a few moments alone with a book,… Read More

Molded in His Image, Part 2

The sweat gathered on my furrowed brow as I gently – but firmly – tried to roll the extremely delicate rubber sheet off of the rough stony object. The intensity built as I started to get a good… Read More

Thinking Clearly, Part 2

How often have you heard things like this: “Follow your heart”, “do what you want to do”, “follow your dreams”, “trust your feelings”, or “discover your true self”?  As a young woman living in our modern world, I’ve… Read More

Burdened With Blessings

Did you grow up in a good Christian home?  One where you go to church every week to sing praise songs and listen to a sermon, where you read your Bible (your preferred translation and format) in the comfort… Read More

Speaking Up, Part 1

You pick a seat in a large room full of strangers.  You shuffle through your backpack, check your phone, and try to have a friendly conversation with the people around you as you wait.  Finally, a professor walks… Read More

Reveling in Rainbows

Clouds alone can be breathtakingly beautiful, but when clouds and sunlight get together they can create many different stunning pictures in the sky.  Of course, the most obvious cloud/light phenomenon that comes to mind is a rainbow, but… Read More

Freedom and the Separation of Church & State

Today is, of course, July 4th or Independence Day.  It’s the day we have for celebrating our freedom in America.  Unfortunately, many people do not really understand what freedom really means.  Often, people think that “freedom” is the… Read More

Two Different Realms?

This month I’ve been taking a summer class at a local university that I’m considering transferring to for the next step of my college education.   As a creationist geology student, knowing how strongly the evolution agenda is pushed… Read More

What’s Wrong With the Christians?

Why is it that Christians in leadership so often fall into the very sins they preach against or become corrupt by the desire for money and power?  This is a question that has been prodding my mind recently. … Read More

Created to Look Old?

Last week I visited a couple of local private schools where I distribute my Creation Clues for Kids to give them copies of my latest issue. As I was talking with one of the administrators, she mentioned a… Read More