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New Human Footprint Discovery?

The late afternoon sun was beginning to sink. Waves lapped up onto the sandy beach, erasing footprints and leaving a perfectly smooth surface of wet sand. The newly smoothed sandy surface, just waiting to catch new footprints, reminded… Read More

Tip-Toe Tracks

The dark gray sky glowed with eerie shades of sickly green, rusty red, and deep purple.  Patches of smoky black lingered low in the sky, sometimes broken by torrential shafts of rain.  Deep rumbling noises and echoes of… Read More

Tracking Dinosaurs

The sticky rubber material clung to my fingers, as I painted it onto the fossil dinosaur footprint. The rubbery mess on my hands bridged the gap between some fingers, reminding me of the webbed feet of a duck.  … Read More

Footprints in the Mud

The warm, summer morning on the picturesque muddy banks of the gently rolling river was a stark contrast to the roaring torrent that had flooded the same river just a few weeks before leaving large pieces of debris… Read More

Creation Clues for Kids, Vol. 3 No. 3

Fossils Do you like being outside and discovering different kinds of plants, bugs, and rocks?  Maybe you even have your own collection of rocks or shells.    If you have ever collected many rocks, you might have found some… Read More

Creation Clues for Kids, Vol. 2 No. 2

Amazing Sea Creatures From the beach, the ocean looks quiet and still as the sun sets.  But, deep down in the water, the strangest most colorful creatures are showing off their incredible design.  Some of these creatures, like… Read More

Solving the Mystery

We are back in the court room, that we discussed six weeks ago in the post, “A Curious Case”.  The day for the decision has arrived and you are the judge.  There is a lot at stake; it’s… Read More

Dinosaur Detection, Part II

In our clue last week, we discussed Theropods (dinosaurs like T-rex and velociraptor), which evolutionists believe evolved into birds.  However, the ichnofossils do not support this idea, as velociraptor and bird footprints have been found right next to… Read More

Dinosaur Detection, Part I

Today we continue on our quest to solve this mysterious case, of which we are the judge.  So far, we have talked about ichnofossils (trace fossils) and the hints they give us about our case, Wold-Wide-Flood v. Evolution… Read More

Investigating Ichnofossils

After a brief break for Easter, we are back to investigating the very important clues in the case of World-Wide Flood vs. Evolution & Billions-of-Years, a case in which you are the judge. We briefly discussed ichnofossils over… Read More