Category: Theology

Shifting Seasons

The spring breeze teased my loose, long hair as it sailed behind me when the swing went up, and cascaded around my shoulders when gravity pulled the swing back. Light from the late afternoon sun filtered through the… Read More

Be Still Already!

You’re running late. Someone forgot to send that thing you need to meet that deadline tomorrow, so you’re scrambling to figure out something else. Things are tense at work. Bedtime is not happening like it should for these… Read More

Life’s First Cry

I tried to breath as quietly as possibly, as mixed anticipation and excitement in the room grew. Suddenly, amid the other sounds of labor and childbirth, the first cry of a little baby reached my ears. Hearing that… Read More

Multi-Dimensional Blessings

When asked to count our blessings, the things we probably think of first are those physical blessings that not everyone has, like food, family, health, houses, jobs, etc.  Seeing other people in the world who don’t have those… Read More

A Gracious Stand for Truth

Sometimes standing up for young earth creation can become a sticky mess. Maybe you’ve read books, watched videos, or been to some talks so that you know what information is out there supporting the ideas that Earth is… Read More

Created for His Presence

The setting sun lit up western clouds in fiery reds and oranges, contrasting beautifully with the deepening blue of the surrounding sky. A soft September breeze rippled through my loose hair as I slowly walked onward, quietly contemplating… Read More

Through Deep Waters – Caving Adventure

I could feel my entire body quaking as the cold, murky cave water I was wading through crept up over my neck and darkness pressed in all around me. I took off my caving helmet and carried it… Read More

Trading your Dandelions

Have you been thinking about creation vs. evolution, age of the earth, and how science and the Bible work together?  Maybe a lot of the scientific and Biblical evidence make sense to you, but you’re not quite sure… Read More

Creation Week and the Cross

Have you ever wondered if it really matters that we have a seven day week? Simply put, it’s because God created everything in six literal, 24-hour days, rested on the seventh, and commanded us to model our lives… Read More

Our Temporary World

“So let me get this straight; you’re only going to be here this week and never coming back? Like, I’m probably never going to see you again until we get to heaven?!” said the kind teenage girl.  “Pretty… Read More