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Shifting Seasons

The spring breeze teased my loose, long hair as it sailed behind me when the swing went up, and cascaded around my shoulders when gravity pulled the swing back. Light from the late afternoon sun filtered through the… Read More

Rock Time – Part 1

“May I borrow someone’s binder for a moment?” my geology professor asked in class one day. I offered mine. He started flipping through to find our next assignment . . . and continued to flip through the thick… Read More

Creation Clues For Kids, Vol. 2, No. 3

I Have a Question . . . It’s good to be curious and ask questions.  Without questions, we would never have science, because science is all about finding answers to our questions about how things work.  And just… Read More

Created to Look Old?

Last week I visited a couple of local private schools where I distribute my Creation Clues for Kids to give them copies of my latest issue. As I was talking with one of the administrators, she mentioned a… Read More

Hope for Saul

The weather was nice that afternoon as some travelers made their way down the dusty road. The man in charge of the group smiled smugly to himself, satisfied by the power that the papers he carried would have…. Read More

Grand Canyon: Granite Rocks

As a geology student I love to look at, touch, and think about rocks.  However, I am afraid that I do not love all kinds of rocks equally.  My least favorite rocks are the ones that look like… Read More

Grand Canyon: Rock Dating

The Grand Canyon is both a geologist’s dream and a geologist’s nightmare. It’s a geologist’s dream because it’s not just a bunch of sediment rock layers (like sandstone and limestone), but it also has hardened lava flows and… Read More

Grand Canyon: Elevation Fascination

The Grand Canyon is one of the most interesting – and controversial – geologic phenomena in the world. A few people do say that it’s “just a big hole in the ground”, but most people are astounded by… Read More

Clarifying Creation, Part II

What is the number-one reason why we know God did not use evolution or millions of years to create? If you really wanted to, you could spend all day just looking at the Hebrew text in Genesis 1…. Read More

Who’s Really in Charge Here?

The detective was shocked. He never would have come up with the right scenario on his own. It was only through hearing the accounts of several witnesses that the true meaning behind the clues could be discovered. Using… Read More