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Where the Buffalo Roam

Crunch . . . Crunch . . .“Huhhhgh” – a loud sigh followed the heavy noises, close to a tent where the energetic girl and her mother were sleeping.  Over breakfast, stories were told of strange noises heard… Read More

Meeting Miss Lulu

“Meet Lulu – she’s a bearded dragon” I explained to the delighted kids as I knelt down so they could stroke the lizard sitting on my shoulder. Some timidly touched Lulu, surprised to find that she didn’t feel… Read More

Designed to Do Things His Way

“What’s that?!” I asked when I saw the creature disappearing into the woods. “It’s a woodchuck” my friends explained. I was thrilled – I didn’t remember ever having seen a real woodchuck just running around by the side… Read More

Busy Bees

A sudden movement caught my eye amid a cluster of flowers.  I leaned in a little bit closer to see a plump, fuzzy bee hovering above the flowers.  She seemed a little hyper for a photogenic pose, as… Read More