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Digging Up Bones, Part 1

Sometimes life doesn’t quite go the way we planned it.  But I sure am glad it doesn’t because I’m way too realistic to have ever planned some of the things I’ve ended up doing.  Getting involved in paleontology… Read More

Using Your Gifts

What if Charles Darwin had met Gregor Mendel?  This is a question that has provoked much thought from scientists throughout generations.  Darwin and Mendel were contemporaries, working in similar fields.  Darwin observed the results of genetic variation in… Read More

Darwin Day

On February 12th, 204 years ago, an English lad was born to a lawyer, the son of a doctor.  Fifty years later, he published his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection and the… Read More

Heavenly Hope, Part 2

As we saw in the first part of this clue series, Charles Darwin had a rather sad childhood.  In some ways, a person might think that Darwin had a fairly pleasant life.  He was wealthy, well educated, successful,… Read More

Heavenly Hope, Part 1

Life as a creationist can be very exciting.  It is wonderful to see new scientific discoveries that line up well with the account of creation and the flood in Genesis.  It’s great to see how much more sense… Read More