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A Gracious Stand for Truth

Sometimes standing up for young earth creation can become a sticky mess. Maybe you’ve read books, watched videos, or been to some talks so that you know what information is out there supporting the ideas that Earth is… Read More


In every soul is a window, An opening in every life Through which our moments show     Mysteries hide behind those windows, Travelers see but a moment of life That from the opening flows     A… Read More

The Cleansing Wave

Do you ever feel weighed down by your past mistakes?  Wondering if God can use you for His glory, in spite of your sin?  This beautiful hymn – one of my favorites – is an encouraging reminder of… Read More

Crossing Paths

Lately, I have been thinking back on some of the people I’ve met over the past few years.  Some I met through college and others I encountered on my adventures around the country (like the Kansas dig and Grand Canyon… Read More

What’s Wrong With the Christians?

Why is it that Christians in leadership so often fall into the very sins they preach against or become corrupt by the desire for money and power?  This is a question that has been prodding my mind recently. … Read More

Julie Cave Mystery Trilogy

Do you like mystery, excitement, and intrigue?  I do.  When I first found Julie Cave’s mystery trilogy I was pretty excited at the prospect of reading some good fiction, bogged down with textbook assignments and informative magazines and… Read More