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Faithful Observations

Thud! A soft noise sounded as I gently dropped another heavy geology textbook on the stack of books I was using for reference. Satisfied with the quiet, refreshing prospect of spending a few moments alone with a book,… Read More

Chemicals to Life?

How exactly did the first living things come into being were they formed by lighting electrocuting lifeless chemicals or were they spoken into existence by the Word of a Divine Creator?  This topic came up in my historical… Read More

Speaking Up, Part 3

“So, you’re an atheist, right?  What made you come to that decision?” I asked my archery classmate one day between rounds.   She perked up to that question, saying she was excited to meet a young earth creationist.  Before… Read More

Speaking Up, Part 2

“Who here likes to think?” asked my chemistry professor in class one morning.  As I slowly raised my hand, I came to the horrifying realization that I was the only one in the room raising my hand.  “It’s… Read More

Speaking Up, Part 1

You pick a seat in a large room full of strangers.  You shuffle through your backpack, check your phone, and try to have a friendly conversation with the people around you as you wait.  Finally, a professor walks… Read More

Two Different Realms?, Part 2

Last week I talked about the other young lady I met in the hall while waiting for lab to start.  When I asked her about her thoughts on evolution and Christianity she said, “I just think that those… Read More

Two Different Realms?

This month I’ve been taking a summer class at a local university that I’m considering transferring to for the next step of my college education.   As a creationist geology student, knowing how strongly the evolution agenda is pushed… Read More

The Bigger Picture

It’s spring and my life has been a hustle and bustle of studying, writing, tutoring, social obligations, and working on projects. I start getting overwhelmed, knowing that I have less than a month left before finals, which will… Read More

The Gift of Time

Last week I had finals for the fall college semester.  It’s always hard for me to adjust to life after finals – I realize just how much extra time I seem to have when I don’t have to… Read More

In Fellowship Sweet

The harsh November wind swirled around me as I waited at the cross walk and a sports car, blaring what the driver thought was music, sped through the intersection. I walked down the street a ways until I… Read More