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Fossils in the Field

A snappy breeze broke the intense heat of the mid-afternoon summer sunshine.  Rolls of thunder sounded in the distance, now a little closer than before.  Looking up at the growing storm clouds, I knew it was time to… Read More

Picking Through Gray Days – And Finding Treasure

This poem uses a personal reflection of delicate work on fossils to illustrate points about work, success, and life in general.  It’s written from the author’s experience working on fossil field jackets – essentially big chunks of rock… Read More

Fishy Finds

“Come see the fossil I found with Mr. David!” The boy called out to me across a ravine with an irresistible smile. Though nearly breathless, I still had a lot of momentum from running down the rough terrain,… Read More

Creation Clues for Kids, Vol. 3 No. 4

Dinosaur fossils Do you like dinosaurs?  Ever wonder if it might be fun to ride on the back of a long-necked Apatosaurus or visit a triceratops at a petting zoo?  On the other hand, you might look at… Read More

Finding a Kansas Dragon Fossil

The anticipation built as I carefully chipped away at the moist, flaky rock chunk with a butter knife, knowing that after many weeks of slow progress, I had to be just centimeters away from finding a fossil.  A… Read More

Digging in the Dirt, Part 1

The cold wind howled furiously around me as I knelt on the barren ground to pick up a sparkling rock that had caught my eye.  I turned the rock over in my hand, enamored with its beauty and… Read More