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God’s Rock Garden, Part 1

The picturesque view of Colorado Mountains outlining the distant horizon was suddenly broken by nearby jagged red rocks towering high above us as we approached.   The closer we got, the more dramatically the rough rocks loomed from above. … Read More

Digging in the Dirt, Part 1

The cold wind howled furiously around me as I knelt on the barren ground to pick up a sparkling rock that had caught my eye.  I turned the rock over in my hand, enamored with its beauty and… Read More

Deep Earthquakes, Part 1

For the past couple of weeks we have been talking about some of the basics of plate tectonics and how this theory relates to the world wide flood mentioned in the Bible.  One of the most important concepts… Read More

Moving Plates, Part 2

Last week we talked a little bit about plate tectonics and the global flood.  Today I want to talk a little bit more about this topic so that next week we can get into some more specific evidence… Read More

Grand Canyon: Rock Dating

The Grand Canyon is both a geologist’s dream and a geologist’s nightmare. It’s a geologist’s dream because it’s not just a bunch of sediment rock layers (like sandstone and limestone), but it also has hardened lava flows and… Read More

Grand Canyon: Beauty Through Pain

The Grand Canyon truly is marvelous and incredibly beautiful. At first glance, most Christians would think of the wondrous creation works of God when they see this incredible monument to the power of God. However, God did not… Read More

Grand Canyon: Elevation Fascination

The Grand Canyon is one of the most interesting – and controversial – geologic phenomena in the world. A few people do say that it’s “just a big hole in the ground”, but most people are astounded by… Read More

Dinosaur Detection, Part II

In our clue last week, we discussed Theropods (dinosaurs like T-rex and velociraptor), which evolutionists believe evolved into birds.  However, the ichnofossils do not support this idea, as velociraptor and bird footprints have been found right next to… Read More

Investigating Ichnofossils

After a brief break for Easter, we are back to investigating the very important clues in the case of World-Wide Flood vs. Evolution & Billions-of-Years, a case in which you are the judge. We briefly discussed ichnofossils over… Read More

Glorious Granite

Granite is truly a marvelous rock.  Its speckled beauty in and of itself is quite stunning, but there is so much more to its beauty than just its appearance.  When people think of granite, they usually think of… Read More