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Suffering, Sin, and Spectacular Creation

“Why am I in a wheelchair, diabetic, and dying of cancer?” the lady asked pointedly, glaring straight at me. I had just been describing the perfect creation (without any suffering and death) that God declared “very good” at… Read More

Finding Comfort in Creation

Have you been having a difficult day?  Or one of those weeks where everything just seems to go wrong?  Bad things happen in our sin-cursed world, ranging from small disappointments to major tragedies and everything in between.    Tensions… Read More

The Bigger Picture

It’s spring and my life has been a hustle and bustle of studying, writing, tutoring, social obligations, and working on projects. I start getting overwhelmed, knowing that I have less than a month left before finals, which will… Read More

Julie Cave Mystery Trilogy

Do you like mystery, excitement, and intrigue?  I do.  When I first found Julie Cave’s mystery trilogy I was pretty excited at the prospect of reading some good fiction, bogged down with textbook assignments and informative magazines and… Read More

Christmas – Forgiveness and Hope

Christmas.  It’s a time of joy, love, and family.  It’s a time to remember the amazing things God has done for us in coming to us in the form of a man.  Sometimes it’s easy to get “wrapped… Read More

Use Your Youth

The streets are lit by the synthetic glow of city lights as a group of teenagers party late into the summer night, and then stumble home in the wee hours of the morning.  Any deserted or public building… Read More

Missions and the Great Commission

The young woman waited nervously at the shore for the boat to return to carry the next load of children to safety on the other side.  If someone saw them, it would be the end of Gladys Aylward… Read More

Solving the Mystery

We are back in the court room, that we discussed six weeks ago in the post, “A Curious Case”.  The day for the decision has arrived and you are the judge.  There is a lot at stake; it’s… Read More

Darwin Day

On February 12th, 204 years ago, an English lad was born to a lawyer, the son of a doctor.  Fifty years later, he published his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection and the… Read More

Standing on the Edge

Jumping on the trampoline in our backyard used to be my favorite outdoor activity, next to swinging on my swing.  However, after I sprained my ankle on it when I was twelve, I lost my enthusiasm for it. … Read More