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Exploring Living Fossils – Part 1

As I scanned the display of familiar Kansas fossils, taking lots of pictures for my personal research record, there was one oddly shaped fossil that didn’t quite seem to fit in with the others.  But, with the overwhelming… Read More

Jellyfish Sandwich

It had been an incredible, long morning at the international Tuscon fossil and mineral show. I had sore feet, tired eyes, and an empty stomach. Waiting for our last missing team member, I casually looked around at some… Read More

Creation Clues for Kids, Vol. 2 No. 2

Amazing Sea Creatures From the beach, the ocean looks quiet and still as the sun sets.  But, deep down in the water, the strangest most colorful creatures are showing off their incredible design.  Some of these creatures, like… Read More

Investigating Ichnofossils

After a brief break for Easter, we are back to investigating the very important clues in the case of World-Wide Flood vs. Evolution & Billions-of-Years, a case in which you are the judge. We briefly discussed ichnofossils over… Read More

Fish Fossils

Fossils.  What comes to mind when you read that word?  Most people think of dinosaur bones or other animal bones.  But, fossils are so much more than just dinosaurs, or even bones.  The majority of the fossils we… Read More