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Brilliant Blue

Kneeling on the floor with bated breath and camera in hand, I waited for the butterfly to move.  The large, stubborn Blue Morpho butterfly kept its wings tightly shut as it stood on the plant.  While the butterfly… Read More

Wondrous Wings

Though standing perfectly still, my eyes danced all around the room trying to follow each of the beautiful, delicate creatures fluttering toward the greenhouse-style ceiling of the imitation rainforest.  I drank in the quiet splendor of the scene,… Read More

Colorful Creation, Part 2

Do you have a favorite color?  Or do you think you’re too old to have a favorite color anymore?  I always enjoy asking kids this question, but really no one is too old to appreciate the diverse and… Read More

Colorful Creation, Part 1

The blank circle on my sketchpad stared menacingly back at me as I searched my brain for inspiration that would fit into this assignment for my college art class.  We were supposed to create a color wheel- based… Read More


In every soul is a window, An opening in every life Through which our moments show     Mysteries hide behind those windows, Travelers see but a moment of life That from the opening flows     A… Read More

Light Rays to Brighten Days

One day as I was driving down the highway I glanced out a window and saw a stunning scene that took my breath away for a second.  Several distinct rays of bright light shone through a tight grouping… Read More

Reveling in Rainbows

Clouds alone can be breathtakingly beautiful, but when clouds and sunlight get together they can create many different stunning pictures in the sky.  Of course, the most obvious cloud/light phenomenon that comes to mind is a rainbow, but… Read More

Clues From Clouds, Part 1

Do you ever enjoy looking up at the clouds?  I used to lay in the grass with my camera and weather notebook quite frequently, fascinated by the way the clouds overhead grew or changed shape.  My favorite way… Read More