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Facing the Facts

The late summer evening glow of the setting sun made the trees and rocks of the South Dakota Black Hills reverberate with a final splash of brilliant color before darkness cloaked their splendor for the night.  My flip-flops… Read More

Logical Layering

The shadow of the Grand Canyon wall offered a little protection from the heat of the late summer afternoon heat as I gazed up toward the rim, though at times it was too high to see anything of… Read More

Well-Rounded Reasoning, Part 2

Ever heard someone say they know earth is billions of years old because of radiometric dating?  On the surface, that may sound like a fairly reasonable, scientific thing to say.  What many people do not realize is that… Read More

Well-Rounded Reasoning, Part 1

Driving down the highway, I glance in the rear-view mirror and notice a Mustang approaching.  Instantly, I start thinking, “Oh dear!  Clear the way – it’s a Mustang!”, and I anxiously start looking for the soonest opportunity to… Read More

Changing Plans

I took a deep breath, smiling with anticipation as I looked out the window and saw the winding river on the ground far bellow me.  The plane gradually started to descend, but it seemed like an exuberant amount… Read More

Thinking Clearly, Part 2

How often have you heard things like this: “Follow your heart”, “do what you want to do”, “follow your dreams”, “trust your feelings”, or “discover your true self”?  As a young woman living in our modern world, I’ve… Read More

Logical Living – Part 2

“Well, you better go to college and get a career you like because you’re never getting married.  No man would ever tolerate you,” an exasperated theistic evolutionist declared towards the end of a drawn-out debate I’d had with… Read More

Logical Living – Part 1

“The horsies are sad!” declared  little girl I was playing with.  “Why are the horsies sad?” I asked, a little confused about this sudden turn of events in our chipper game with miniature horse and cowboy figures.  “Because,… Read More

What God Says

We have already established that we know God exists and that we can trust what God says over what people say because God has always been there. God’s Word is true, timeless, and perfect. Over the centuries since… Read More

God, Are You There?

Before we explore the reasons why Theistic evolution, the belief that God used evolution to create, doesn’t work, we first need to discuss how we know that God is real. Furthermore, we can’t just prove that a god… Read More