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Changing Plans

I took a deep breath, smiling with anticipation as I looked out the window and saw the winding river on the ground far bellow me.  The plane gradually started to descend, but it seemed like an exuberant amount… Read More

My Stegosaurus Story, Part II

My Stegosaurus Story, Part II This is the link to the second half of my post on my work with the stegosaurus project last summer. 

My Stegosaurus Story

My Stegosaurus Story I did a guest post about my experience in building a life-sized model of a Stegosaurus on the blog, CreationScience4Kids.  It is a two-part article, and I hope y’all will enjoy reading it!

***Special Local Event Anouncement***

We will be holding our first summer kids workshop at Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum on Tuesday, June 11, and we hope to see y’all’s bright smiles there!  During the “Where Do Fossil Ages Come From?” workshop*, families will have a fun-filled,… Read More

Unthinkable Radiocarbon Dates

The team of five men paddled furiously along in the wind-tossed icy waters of the Colville River in Alaska.  They had been slowly making their way through the Alaskan wilderness for almost a week, in spite of the… Read More

Case of the Accidental Stegosarus

Once upon a time, there was a small town museum.  No one knew where it had come from, it was just there.  On a bright sunny morning, there was a massive spontaneous explosion in the museum, and over… Read More