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Designed to Do Things His Way

“What’s that?!” I asked when I saw the creature disappearing into the woods. “It’s a woodchuck” my friends explained. I was thrilled – I didn’t remember ever having seen a real woodchuck just running around by the side… Read More

Finding Comfort in Creation

Have you been having a difficult day?  Or one of those weeks where everything just seems to go wrong?  Bad things happen in our sin-cursed world, ranging from small disappointments to major tragedies and everything in between.    Tensions… Read More

Simply Blessed

You take a deep breath of air filled with a gentle floral fragrance as you watch the sun set in brilliant colors, reflected by a few graceful clouds, and the stars begin to appear.  Pause!  You probably don’t… Read More

Light Rays to Brighten Days

One day as I was driving down the highway I glanced out a window and saw a stunning scene that took my breath away for a second.  Several distinct rays of bright light shone through a tight grouping… Read More

Two Different Realms?, Part 2

Last week I talked about the other young lady I met in the hall while waiting for lab to start.  When I asked her about her thoughts on evolution and Christianity she said, “I just think that those… Read More

Video Review on “The Secret Code of Creation”

Do you enjoy math? Most people don’t. When I tutor high-school students, the subjects they typically need help in are math, science, or English. Math is probably a tough topic for many people because it is abstract, yet… Read More

Grand Canyon: Elevation Fascination

The Grand Canyon is one of the most interesting – and controversial – geologic phenomena in the world. A few people do say that it’s “just a big hole in the ground”, but most people are astounded by… Read More

Spring in My West Texas

Different parts of the earth are beautiful in their own ways.  Some places have rolling hills and soft, flowered meadows, while others have colorful creatures hiding in dense vegetation.  Some have breathtaking purple mountain peaks, and others show… Read More

Clues from Crystals

A bright sapphire dangling from a gold chain glistens in the stage lights as the woman wearing the necklace begins to sing.   There is a constant dripping sound that breaks the silence in a dark cavern in South America… Read More