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Suffering, Sin, and Spectacular Creation

“Why am I in a wheelchair, diabetic, and dying of cancer?” the lady asked pointedly, glaring straight at me. I had just been describing the perfect creation (without any suffering and death) that God declared “very good” at… Read More

A Beautiful Poem

This is a beautiful poem that a dear friend of mine wrote.  She gave me permission to put it on my blog, but asked to remain anonymous.  It is a poem about the heart of woman.  I hope… Read More

Grand Canyon: Beauty Through Pain

The Grand Canyon truly is marvelous and incredibly beautiful. At first glance, most Christians would think of the wondrous creation works of God when they see this incredible monument to the power of God. However, God did not… Read More

Solving the Mystery

We are back in the court room, that we discussed six weeks ago in the post, “A Curious Case”.  The day for the decision has arrived and you are the judge.  There is a lot at stake; it’s… Read More

Standing on the Edge

Jumping on the trampoline in our backyard used to be my favorite outdoor activity, next to swinging on my swing.  However, after I sprained my ankle on it when I was twelve, I lost my enthusiasm for it. … Read More