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Creation Clues For Kids, Vol. 2 No.1

Radioisotope Dating Have you ever heard someone at a museum or on TV say something like this “ . . . this T-rex lived 65 million years ago . . .” and wonder how they come up with… Read More

***Special Local Event Anouncement***

We will be holding our first summer kids workshop at Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum on Tuesday, June 11, and we hope to see y’all’s bright smiles there!  During the “Where Do Fossil Ages Come From?” workshop*, families will have a fun-filled,… Read More

The Rocks Cry Out

Dinosaur bones and coal still containing radiocarbon; Radical two-ring radiohalos; Traces of C-14 in diamonds; Helium held captive by granite; problems in the underlying logic behind radioisotope dating; These hidden wonders of science truly display the glory of… Read More

Carbon-14 Cries Creation & Catastrophe

            Radiocarbon dating is one of my all-time favorite geology subjects, so it is with mixed feelings that I write this final Clue about it for this series.  But, I have so much more information that I believe you,… Read More

Unthinkable Radiocarbon Dates

The team of five men paddled furiously along in the wind-tossed icy waters of the Colville River in Alaska.  They had been slowly making their way through the Alaskan wilderness for almost a week, in spite of the… Read More

The Notorious Radiocarbon Dating, Part 2

Last week, I said that there are two main differences between radiocarbon dating and other radioisotope dating methods:  the especially short half-life of Carbon-14, which I discussed last time, and now, where the Carbon-14 comes from.  Radioactive carbon… Read More

The Notorious Radiocarbon Dating, Part 1

Have you ever heard someone say that Carbon dating proves that the earth is 4.5 billion years old?  Well, if you ever do, realize that they are dead wrong.  Even evolutionists who know what they are talking about… Read More