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Grand Canyon: Rock Dating

The Grand Canyon is both a geologist’s dream and a geologist’s nightmare. It’s a geologist’s dream because it’s not just a bunch of sediment rock layers (like sandstone and limestone), but it also has hardened lava flows and… Read More

***Special Local Event Anouncement***

We will be holding our first summer kids workshop at Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum on Tuesday, June 11, and we hope to see y’all’s bright smiles there!  During the “Where Do Fossil Ages Come From?” workshop*, families will have a fun-filled,… Read More

The Rocks Cry Out

Dinosaur bones and coal still containing radiocarbon; Radical two-ring radiohalos; Traces of C-14 in diamonds; Helium held captive by granite; problems in the underlying logic behind radioisotope dating; These hidden wonders of science truly display the glory of… Read More