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Corruption and Creativity

Clomp, clomp, clomp.  My high-heeled boots hit the tile floor as I walked.  As if floating on air, my friend lightly ran across the open room towards me, full of excitement.  “Want to see the invitations?” She asked… Read More

Julie Cave Mystery Trilogy

Do you like mystery, excitement, and intrigue?  I do.  When I first found Julie Cave’s mystery trilogy I was pretty excited at the prospect of reading some good fiction, bogged down with textbook assignments and informative magazines and… Read More

What God Says

We have already established that we know God exists and that we can trust what God says over what people say because God has always been there. God’s Word is true, timeless, and perfect. Over the centuries since… Read More

Forgivness – Free and Forever

Guilt.  It plagues the human mind throughout every generation, and rightfully so, for we are all guilty of trespassing God’s hold laws.  We have all messed up, and under the justice of our holy Creator, we are condemned… Read More