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Picking Through Gray Days – And Finding Treasure

This poem uses a personal reflection of delicate work on fossils to illustrate points about work, success, and life in general.  It’s written from the author’s experience working on fossil field jackets – essentially big chunks of rock… Read More

Park’s Ranch Cave – Part 1

Half excited and half dreading the cold, murky cave waters, I sat down on the wet cave floor and slid down the natural slide into the 55-degree (F) water. I had gotten used to wading through the water… Read More

Suffering, Sin, and Spectacular Creation

“Why am I in a wheelchair, diabetic, and dying of cancer?” the lady asked pointedly, glaring straight at me. I had just been describing the perfect creation (without any suffering and death) that God declared “very good” at… Read More

Loves’ Perfect Reference Point

Are you more likely to turn to your brain or your heart when you are facing a problem or making an important decision?  As a “geeky girl” I’ve experimented a little with balancing the heart and the head… Read More

Creation Clues for Kids, Vol. 2 No. 2

Amazing Sea Creatures From the beach, the ocean looks quiet and still as the sun sets.  But, deep down in the water, the strangest most colorful creatures are showing off their incredible design.  Some of these creatures, like… Read More

Two Different Realms?, Part 2

Last week I talked about the other young lady I met in the hall while waiting for lab to start.  When I asked her about her thoughts on evolution and Christianity she said, “I just think that those… Read More

Grand Canyon: Beauty Through Pain

The Grand Canyon truly is marvelous and incredibly beautiful. At first glance, most Christians would think of the wondrous creation works of God when they see this incredible monument to the power of God. However, God did not… Read More

Solving the Mystery

We are back in the court room, that we discussed six weeks ago in the post, “A Curious Case”.  The day for the decision has arrived and you are the judge.  There is a lot at stake; it’s… Read More

Darwin Day

On February 12th, 204 years ago, an English lad was born to a lawyer, the son of a doctor.  Fifty years later, he published his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection and the… Read More

Domino Effect

Many rectangular white pieces with specific arrangements of dots on either side of a lateral dark line splitting the domino in half are carefully balanced upright.  One right after another, they stand in a line that curves around… Read More