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What God Says

We have already established that we know God exists and that we can trust what God says over what people say because God has always been there. God’s Word is true, timeless, and perfect. Over the centuries since… Read More

Who’s Really in Charge Here?

The detective was shocked. He never would have come up with the right scenario on his own. It was only through hearing the accounts of several witnesses that the true meaning behind the clues could be discovered. Using… Read More

God, Are You There?

Before we explore the reasons why Theistic evolution, the belief that God used evolution to create, doesn’t work, we first need to discuss how we know that God is real. Furthermore, we can’t just prove that a god… Read More

Christianity & Science

People recognize that Christian values like love, compassion, justice, and peace are good things. We recognize science as good too, because through science we can solve many of the world’s problems and even save people’s lives. But what… Read More

Choice in a Garden

It was a beautiful day in the garden; the sun filtered light through the canopy of bright green leaves above, the birds were singing, and Adam was taking a ride on the stegosaurus with his beloved companion, Eve. … Read More

Forgivness – Free and Forever

Guilt.  It plagues the human mind throughout every generation, and rightfully so, for we are all guilty of trespassing God’s hold laws.  We have all messed up, and under the justice of our holy Creator, we are condemned… Read More

Darwin Day

On February 12th, 204 years ago, an English lad was born to a lawyer, the son of a doctor.  Fifty years later, he published his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection and the… Read More

The Rocks Cry Out

Dinosaur bones and coal still containing radiocarbon; Radical two-ring radiohalos; Traces of C-14 in diamonds; Helium held captive by granite; problems in the underlying logic behind radioisotope dating; These hidden wonders of science truly display the glory of… Read More