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White Sands – Creation Clues for Kids Vol 6 No 1

White Sands The howling dry wind whipped all around, making my hair go wild.  The sand was so deep, it swallowed my feet more and more with every step. My sweaty skin felt sticky as it mixed with… Read More


The narrow, rocky path through the canopy of brush looked very inviting to my weary mind.  Like the heavy backpack I carried hiking up the rough path, I had been feeling the problems, decisions, and tasks of daily… Read More

Keeping the Course

How would a road trip without a GPS go for you?  Does navigation come pretty naturally to you or are you more directionally challenged?  Or perhaps you’re more likely to take an accidental detour caused by missing a… Read More

Catastrophic Colorado Monument, Part 2

The precariously balanced enormous boulder towered ominously above us.  “Careful!  Don’t drive too slowly under that rock!”  My younger brother anxiously piped up from the back of our suburban, full of friends and family members gathered together for… Read More

Catastrophic Colorado Monument, Part 1

I drew in a sharp breath and held on tightly as we suddenly rounded a narrow curve and I got a good look down the steep edge at the spectacular, sharp rocks far below us.    The chilly wind… Read More

Our Temporary World

“So let me get this straight; you’re only going to be here this week and never coming back? Like, I’m probably never going to see you again until we get to heaven?!” said the kind teenage girl.  “Pretty… Read More

Thank YOU!

Over Thanksgiving this year I was, of course, thinking about some of the things I am most grateful for this year. I decided to share a few of my blessings here on my blog this year because it… Read More